When Will Pacio founded Spice Kit, a high-volume fast-casual restaurant located in San Francisco’s Financial District, he faced the same problems as many other eateries do.   


“We were constantly understaffed, either because it took weeks to fill an empty role, or from staff calling out sick.   Being understaffed was costing us money in Overtime wages, and from missed opportunities. We were literally turning down catering orders because we didn’t have enough people to work each day.”


This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who has run a restaurant before.  The labor situation in the restaurant industry has reached crisis-levels, and it’s become increasingly difficult for restaurants to find quality people to work for them.  “Our teams and managers were burnt out.  We were burning too much money on overtime.  And our business was leaving money on the table because we couldn’t accept incoming orders.”


Spice Kit began using Pared in October of 2015.   It was a new service that would allow them to book skilled cooks and dishwashers when then needed to fill a gap.    


Getting in a Rhythm


Will and his team decided to use Pared to take over the repetitive tasks that happen everyday.  Being an Asian Fast Casual restaurant, they had a lot of knife work - peeling carrots, julienne daikon radish, washing greens, and preparing pickling liquids.   


“What we were doing wasn’t rocket science.  There were tens of hours of work per week that could be done by anyone with a culinary degree, or had basic knife skills.”


In order to make Pared work the best for them, Spice Kit designated a work space for Pared Pros.  They would set up the station for the Pared Pro everyday with a cutting board, any vegetables to be prepped, and a list of things to be completed.  This made it easy for a Pared Pro to walk in and be effective right away.


“Once our team got in a rhythm of setting up the Pared Pro for success everyday, it became part of our daily routine.   It was like set-it and forget-it.”


One Year Of Pared


After using Pared for over a year, for an average of 3-4 shifts a week, Spice Kit has been able to save money, increase sales, and improve morale of their teams.


“We’ve completely eliminated OT from our P&L because now we can just plug in a Pared Pro whenever we need extra help.   We’re also having our best year ever in sales because we can take on extra orders - whether it’s from corporate catering, Caviar, Zesty or Uber Eats.  Whenever we need a set of extra hands, we just use Pared.”


Spice Kit has been able to outsource much of their repetitive knife work to Pared Pros enabling them to keep their team lean, while also being able to flex their labor up when they need to meet increased demand. They were able to decrease labor costs by 11% (from 27% of sales in 2015 to 24.3% in 2016). 


“We’re having our most profitable year ever.  Pared has allowed us to increase our top-line, while also saving on costs.”

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