Co-Founder, CEO

A veteran in the restaurant industry. Will started as a cook at Per Se in New York and went on to run IT for Thomas Keller's restaurants. He was founder and CEO of Spice Kit, a popular fast-casual concept. Studied at Stanford. Trained at the French Culinary Institute.

Co-Founder, President

Dave has spent nearly two decades in product and marketing roles at top tech brands like Yahoo, Apple, Cisco and eBay. He became founder and CEO of Fanpop and was VP of Marketing at Luxe. Studied at Penn and Stanford Business School. Delivery boy for Lotus Garden in New Jersey in high school.


Will Pacio is a veteran of the restaurant industry. After graduating from Stanford, Will decided to go to culinary school instead of medical school. From there he went on to join the opening team of Thomas Keller's Per Se in New York. Eventually he would come back to California to cook at the national mecca of fine dining The French Laundry in Yountville. Thomas Keller tapped him to run all of IT for the Thomas Keller Restaurant Group. 

After learning from the best, Will pursued his dream and opened his own chain of fast casual restaurants as founder and CEO of Spice Kit restaurants in 2007. He opened multiple units in San Francisco, Palo Alto and San Ramon. One day he found himself making sandwiches on the line in the Palo Alto store because someone had just quit and they  were short-staffed. Frustrated, he thought to himself, "I wish I could just get someone with the skills and experience to fill in this shift with the touch of a button." 

Will alongside Thomas Keller at Per Se.

Having been both a cook and a restaurant owner, Will wanted to create a solution to help the industry by solving staffing issues for restauranteurs while giving cooks the ability to earn more money and gain experience. Pared is empowering cooks by giving them the flexibility and higher wages so they don't have to be slaves to two schedules and burn out.

He reached out to his friend Dave Lu who he knew was always passionate about restaurants and had spent nearly two decades building technology companies. Together, Dave and Will started Pared to help everyone in the industry and make restaurant life easier.

Dave with Chefs Juan Mari and Elena Arzak at Arzak


Will Pacio

Dave Lu

And with that, the idea for Pared was born. The idea that a restaurateur could easily find vetted culinary professionals who could come in and do the job. Whether it be to fill in a staffing gap or to outsource a role on staff, it would save Will and others the stress, time and money that makes running a restaurant so hard.

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